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Overcoming Fear

Part 1 of 2

There are very few people on the planet who have not experienced this fear. For some, having to work through fear, panic and anxiety is a very real daily challenge. Our past experience or other peoples past experience can cause this emotion to grip us and for some, it gets to the point where it actually cripples them in their day to day life. I am not going to tell you that it is not real, because from experience I know that it is very real when it happens. What I would like to do is give you a key to being able to move past it and onto the better things. The truth is that life is usually on the other side of that feeling.

Fear can be a powerful servant or a taskmaster

Fear is an emotion that has been given to us to signify the presence of danger or an unsafe situation. In its right context, it is designed to alert us to the fact that there is a situation that has the potential to cause us harm or injury and we need to act. Think about standing in the middle of the road and a large truck is heading toward you. Fear would tell you that if you don’t move NOW the consequences of what will happen are not good, so in that split instant of experiencing fear, you make the decision to move and move fast. Fear in this situation has worked for your benefit and saved you from possible death. So all fear is not bad in fact there are times when fear is healthy and we need to act accordingly.

What I would like to talk about here are the times when fear either stops us moving forward in life or causes us to make decisions that stop short of the fullness that life has for us. How do we move past this very real emotion and begin to walk in a greater dimension of life? My thoughts are all based on experience. I have had to personally walk this out – often on a daily basis and I still do.

Overcoming fear

I have found that the greatest tool in overcoming this “monster” is to get present to the moment and start to think about

“Why I am feeling the way I am feeling”

Rather than being controlled by the emotion if we stop and identify the “why” we will learn a lot about ourselves. The response to our “why” will also help us to push through and overcome. By asking why and getting present to the answer to that, we usually find that our thought process around the situation has been going into overdrive.

Our thought processes are usually based on past experience and our perception and beliefs around those experiences. Very often our thoughts in times of fear start with the phrase “What if…..” We are usually looking at all the potential problems and things that could go wrong. Notice that it is usually potential problems and things that could go wrong. Yes, there are a myriad of things that could potentially go wrong. There are always however just as many things that could go right too.

When we get into a place where we are experiencing fear we need to get present to what is going on.  We need to take control of our thinking processes and begin to look at the situation from a different perspective. When we get present to the reality that fear does not define who we are as an individual and we can act independently of that emotion, life begins to change.

You can conquer fear

This however, is not easy particularly if fear, worry and anxiety have become habits. We have to become self-disciplined in this area. Changes do not happen overnight. They do however happen gradually and little bit by little bit you will find courage begins to rise up.  As a result, you will find that something begins to happen.  One day, the situations that would normally cause fear, if you refuse to give in, you will find that what used to conquer you, you are now able to conquer.

God created us to live and function in an atmosphere of love, but life often teaches us fear instead. Fear can be crippling and rob us of God’s best. Often the good things that God has for us are on the other side of fear. Learning how to overcome fear or to do life while feeling afraid is a powerful tool. The Bible says “Fear not” 365 times. When there is that much attention given to something in the Bible, that often means God must be identifying something. It usually means that it is something we all have to deal with and overcome.

I pray that you will begin to identify the source of your fears and begin to rise above those feelings. God has made you more than a conqueror. You were not created to live or function in an atmosphere of fear.  Today God wants to take you by the hand.  He wants to uphold you with His powerful right arm which signifies strength. He also wants to establish you in a place that will see His blessings come on you and overtake you.

2 Thoughts to “Overcoming Fear – Part 1 of 2”

  1. This is right where I am right now , I’m not sure where fear truly entered my life but I do known that it has kept me longer than I wanted to stay . A couple years ago it almost destroyed my life but as I began to walk in Gods love and kindness and look to Him it shrank smaller and smaller but recently hit me out of nowhere . I want to overcome this I refuse to let this monster define me and my calling . And for some like me it is a day to day task to overcome .Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you for sharing part of your story Melissa. Fear is one of the things that will seemingly come from out of nowhere and hit us. Even though I have been trying to walk free from it for many years there are times when I still feel its grip. 🙁 I pray that as you continue to press into the strength and courage that comes from God that you will grow beyond every barrier and experience the fullness of all that He has for you in Jesus Name.

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