Lynda Turnbull
About Lynda

Adversity is often the doorway to the greatest opportunities life has to offer.

This statement has been a defining roadmap in Lynda’s life as she uses her life experiences in overcoming adversity to inspire and empower others to do the same. Having overcome childhood abuse, divorce, major health issues resulting in unemployment and financial hardship, Lynda now uses those experiences through coaching, workshops, and books to encourage and assist others to look beyond the difficult circumstances of life to the potential that these circumstances contain to create a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Lynda is passionate about seeing people fulfill their God-given purpose and destiny and describes herself as a catalyst for change.

As a member of Harvest International Ministries and having been in ministry for over 40 years she has had the opportunity to work globally with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds during some of the most critical times in their life. Lynda has the unique ability to be able to connect with people in a powerful and compassionate way which enables them to experience the heart of a loving God in a greater way.

She is a dynamic and gifted communicator who also teaches International Business, Leadership and Management and Small Business Management to a broad cross-section of clients both in Australia and overseas. This equips them with skills and knowledge that enable them to make a difference and become change agents in their workplaces. In recognition of her teaching experience, she is a professional member of the Australian Institute of Training and Development.

When she is not working she enjoys cooking up a storm in her kitchen for family and friends and walking in the great outdoors where she gets a lot of her creative ideas. She also loves spending time with her 3 children and 4 grandchildren. In those quieter moments, she loves curling up in a big comfy chair to read. Her library consists of a wide range of books including fiction and non-fiction.

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