Surely there is more to life……..isn’t there?

Today I would like to chat a little bit about the “Why am I here” topic. I have been asked the question “Why am I here?” lots of times. Many people also make the statement “I know there is more but I feel like I am on the treadmill of life and don’t know how to get off it.”

No one who is alive on planet earth right now is here by accident. No matter what the circumstances of your conception or birth you have been given life for a reason. Many fight that fact but until we accept this fact with love and gratitude, life cannot and may not change. Resenting your birth, the circumstances of your birth and your journey through life can set you up for potential failure and misery. Those bedfellows then lead to all manner of mental, emotional and physical disorders. I base all of my interaction with others on this fact…………YOU AND I HAVE BEEN GIVEN LIFE FOR A REASON. God looked through the history of mankind to this point in time and said “I need……………(insert your name here)

You may feel ordinary but you were created for the extraordinary

Woven into your DNA is a blueprint that will enable you to live a life that goes beyond anything that you ever dreamed or expected. The majority of people reading this are ordinary people, but you have been created for extraordinary things. You have been created to show others around you the greatness of God’s love and His amazing grace. You are a living, walking, breathing show and tell story about a great, big, wonderful amazing God. The adverse situations and circumstances that you face in life not qualify you for extraordinary things. They are actually also your training ground for your own unique story.

Welcome to the University of Life. The only time you can graduate is when you take your last breath and go from this life into the next. Everyone ever born is enrolled in the University of Life. There are no exceptions, but your perspective however can make you bitter or better.

The good news is you can use your experiences as platforms to create a life that goes beyond anything you ever imagined.  The alternative is you can also allow your experiences to cause you to become a bitter, angry victim. The beauty of the University of Life is that you actually get to choose the outcome. The outcome is not determined by the teachers, the grades, the other students or anything or anyone else. The choice is in your hands. Everyday, you are in the wonderful position to be able to choose Life in all of its fullness and abundance regardless of what is happening or going on around you.

Gratitude opens the door for the extraordinary

There are some that are reading this that did not have ideal parents.  Some do not even know who their mother and father were/are. I am genuinely sorry that your start in life was less than perfect and my heart goes out to you. However, to tap into the abundant life that has been planned for you, the place to start is by being thankful that they were used to give you the gift of life.

If you are able to speak to your mother and father you may like to go and say “Thank you for giving me life”. If for whatever reason you are not able to do that, then write a note to them expressing your gratitude for the gift of life. It may or may not be able to be delivered. It really doesn’t matter. Having a heart of gratitude is good soil for planting the seed.  This seed will bring a harvest of abundance in your life.

God has good plans for you

If you have a relationship with God a simple prayer of gratitude that He chose to give you life at this time in history also prepares the soil of your heart. A simple but heartfelt, “Thank you God for life. I haven’t really enjoyed all of it but I know there is a purpose” is all that it takes. God does not like long drawn out religious talk – in fact, He hates it. He is all about heart attitude and you being real with Him. The blueprint that is wired into your DNA and has been written by a loving God who has a plan for you. It is a good plan that goes way beyond anything that you could ever imagine. In Jeremiah 29:11 He says, “I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a hope and a future.”

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life

I believe in you and who you were created to be. You are alive and well on planet earth today for a reason. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. If you want it to be it’s going to be the greatest journey you have ever undertaken.

I bless you today with a fresh new revelation and understanding in knowing that you have been created by a loving God. His plan is that He wants to use you to reveal His love, power and grace to those you meet. I bless you to accept your uniqueness and individuality and to see your life as an amazing gift. I release over you a spirit of gratitude for the life you have. Today, I honour the gift you are to this world and I pray that each new day will reveal more about God’s plan for your life.

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