There are times in which God orchestrates divine appointments in order for us to experience life changing encounters with Him; encounters that will mark our lives forever.

That’s exactly what happened one night when I attended a meeting in which Lynda was ministering. The Presence and Authority of God that Lynda walks in was evident from the onset of the meeting. The tangible love of Jesus poured out of her heart as she ministered powerfully in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

As Lynda began to talk about the power and importance of declaring and decreeing The Word of God in our lives, I could literally feel a deep hunger being imparted in me to know His Word even more. At the end of the meeting, Lynda began to minister over individuals in the room. When Lynda began to pray and prophesy over me, she proceeded to give me a very accurate word of knowledge.

Earlier that day I was talking to a friend regarding something I had been processing with the Lord. (I had not shared this with anyone other than my friend.) Lynda then began to prophesy to me the exact thing I had been asking God about earlier that day. It was one of the most life changing moments of my life in my walk with the Lord. I left the meeting that night with a whole new desire for The Word of God and with such a confidence knowing the clear word of God that was spoken and confirmed to me that night through Lynda.

It is a great honour and privilege to write this and I know that God will continue to use Lynda powerfully in the lives of many!