I am honoured that this amazing woman of God would choose me to write a testimony for her. Just this action alone by Lynda displays one of the many admirable characters of the Lord that she walks in on a daily basis. Lynda will never forget or hide her humble beginnings in her walk with the Lord and she always continues to love and treasure those she has built relationship with no matter how much her ministry in the Lord grows and expands. She sees people as God created them to be not as they see themselves or as the world would see them.

I have personally experienced the power of Jehovah move each time Lynda prays for or speaks a prophetic word into my life. I have felt and witnessed the inner healing and growth in myself, and seen it in others, when the Lord moves through Lynda. I have even experienced times of change, growth and healing as Lynda teaches the Word of God.

I have been so blessed to know and watch Jesus moving through this woman from glory to glory and strength to strength in every area of her life.

I have always cherished Lynda as the Apostle, Preacher, Teacher, Pastor, Prophet, Mentor and Friend that she is. Lynda has been a mouth piece for Jesus for as long as I have known her and I can’t wait to see what else Jehovah has in store for this most passionate, loving woman.