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Divine Connections – You Are the Key to Bringing Heaven to Earth

Going through difficulties and challenges in life is part of what God will use to train and equip you for His Kingdom purposes. Knowing how to come into agreement with Him, not your circumstances during times of adversity is vital to you being able to overcome and go on to fulfil your God-given purpose and destiny.
Whatever is happening in your life right now remember this one thing. You have been created for a purpose and a reason and God has promised to cause ALL things to work together for your good.  That includes adversity. The good news is that adversity actually qualifies you for the good things God has planned for you.  Those good things include divine connections to people who need to hear your story.
Be encouraged today by taking a closer look at the promises found in Jeremiah 29:11.

This book reassured me of the love God has for me, how even when I feel that He is not doing anything in my life – oh boy He is working. He is working behind the scenes to create a masterpiece, a masterpiece for His glory.

This book gives meaning to the question, “Why am I going through this?” I now have a new perspective when going through challenging situations knowing that nothing is wasted when we seek God for His will and for His help.

Through these words I felt His love towards me, and how He cares and tends to my soul. He has a plan and a purpose, He is working behind the scenes of my life story (His masterpiece) and I am His garden. I can trust Him to complete the work He has begun in me.
Maribel H. – USA


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