We have known Lynda for over 25 years and we are constantly blessed by her
ministry. Lynda has an incredible teaching gift on her life and moves accurately in words of
knowledge and prophesy. When she prays it feels like all of heaven has been released to
work on her behalf. You will be blessed to have her minister at your church, conference or
Pastors Tim and Chelsea Follet
Brisbane Australia

Tim and Chelsea Follett
Tim and Chelsea Follett

The first time I met Lynda was in Detroit, MI, over 10 years ago when she was invited to
minister there by a mutual friend. There was an instant Kesher (connection in Hebrew).
Lynda is an anointed teacher who also ministers powerfully in the prophetic. This is
demonstrated as she prays and ministers to people as the Lord brings healing and
restoration to broken hearts and lives.
The Lord also uses this prophetic gift to help establish people in their God given purpose
and destiny. During these times she is like a “prophetic guidance counsellor”.
It is an honour and privilege to know her and I bless her out of Zion.
Carolyn Hyde
Heart of G-d Ministries
יְבָרֶכְךָ יְהוָה, מִצִּיּוֹן
The L-rd bless you from Zion!

Carolyn Hyde
Carolyn Hyde

Attending a meeting or workshop where Lynda is ministering is a game changer. You will see
and experience God on a level that is very personal, relational and relevant which will bring
a new refreshing and restoration to all areas of your life.
Pastor Julie Tymms
Julie Tymms Ministeries
Qld. Australia

Julie Tymms
Julie Tymms

I first met Lynda in 2003 when she was co-pastoring a congregation in Queensland Australia.  Since then I have been privileged to minister and train alongside her at numerous venues in the USA including local gatherings and international conferences.  She often says that she is a very ordinary person but she has grasped what it means to have a relationship with an extraordinary God.

Lynda has a strong prophetic anointing that is well seasoned and when ministering is sensitive to what the Holy Spirit wants to do and is flexible enough to follow His leading.  When people receive ministry from Lynda, whether through the spoken word or hands-on, they sense the strength, compassion and warmth of the Lord surrounding them. She is able to allow the Holy Spirit to do exactly what He needs to in the process of convicting healing, releasing, comforting, delivering and guiding those she is speaking to.  Her ability to understand a situation and speak into it sensitively but clearly is very well developed and she has insight and maturity that has stood the test of time.

Lynda’s ability to hear and see in the Spirit is clear and sharp.  Her communication style is fresh and dynamic and she brings deep insight without making it heavy and where appropriate threads humour into what she is doing.

I highly encourage you to invite Lynda to minister with you.  I guarantee you will be changed!

David Stanfield

Queensland, Australia

David Stanfield
David Stanfield