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Shane Willard: I have personally known Shane for more than 10 years and his teachings have radically changed my life, my relationship with God and how I read the Bible. He has generously made the following series available to you free to download so that you can grow in your relationship with God and live your best life right now. I would encourage you to visit his website as he has a huge number of resources on a wide range of topics that will change your life in the same way they continue to change mine.
(All audio is made available by the kind generosity of Shane, from Shane Willard Ministries)

The Good Life: Invitations From Jesus

This series examines several of Jesus’ specific invitations to a better life.

Ruth: Getting Unstuck

The Bible is full of brave revolutionaries, amongst all of them, one of the bravest is a Moabite woman named Ruth who risked everything to make a new life for herself.

The Ten Commandments - Coming Soon

This ten-part series examines God’s first ten ideas to begin the restoration of all humanity back to his original design – Releasing Soon! Make sure you are subscribed so we can notify you.
The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandants
10 parts to the complete audio

No Other Gods – Download 1 of 10
God Doesn’t Fit Your Box – Download 2 of 10
Don’t Sign Checks That God Wouldn’t Sign – Download 3 of 10
Take A Day Off – Download 4 of 10
Pay It Forward – Download 5 of 10
Appreciate Life – Download 6 of 10
Don’t Sabotage Unity – Download 7 of 10
Others First – Download 8 of 10
Watch Your Mouth – Download 9 of 10
Be Content – Download 10 of 10

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Divine Connections
eBook - Divine Connections
You are the key to bringing heaven to earth

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